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Any chatter interested in discussing illegal activities - and/or creating rooms dedicated to such activities - will be banned instantly and permanently from free6 Chat. This includes(but is not limited to) underage sexual activity (under 18 years of age), snuff, extreme violent sexual abuse, and bestiality. We repeat - there will be no warnings. Any chatter engaged in such discussion will be banned permanently and instantly. We will not reinstate these banned chatters, so please follow our rules. Advertising other sites or products, aka Spamming, will not be tolerated on any part of free6, including the chatroom. This activity is invasive, and interferes with the flow of chat. The Chat Monitors, or CM's, are there for the good of the room. Their job is to make sure minors do not access the chat room, to make sure that spammers and scrollers do not ruin everyone's fun, and to keep out those who harass and/or threaten other chatters. They are NOT there to referee personal disagreements. They are also not there to be abused and mistreated. They volunteer their time to make the chat room a better place. Please treat them as respectfully as you wish to be treated. Chatters who log in under multiple names will be asked to log out all but one name. If they refuse to comply then they will be booted, if they continue to bring in multiple names after the warning they will be banned.